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Tara Lemmey Named Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business 1000″

Posted 02/04/14 at 01:18 Fast Company launches the Most Creative People in Business 1000, a new resource that defines an influential, diverse group of modern Renaissance men and women across the economy and around the globe. .

Techonomy 2013: A Spin with Tara Lemmey

Posted 11/11/13 at 17:35 MODERATOR David Kirkpatrick Founder and CEO, Techonomy Media Tara Lemmey of Net Power & Light demos Spin, a new digital communication platform that lets people “experience emotion at the scale of the Internet.” http://techonomy.com/conf/13-tucson/networked-society-2/spin-tara-lemmey/    Ross: Next up is Tara Lemmey, CEO of Net Power & Light, someone who I think a lot of you guys are very [...] .

Tara Lemmey demos Spin with Robert Scoble

Posted 10/02/13 at 03:24 See why Techcrunch called Spin “fun and tactile” in this discussion with Robert Scoble and Tara Lemmey .




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